Minimalist House Design Japan

Minimalist House Design Japan. Modern trends dictate that less is more and sustainable minimalist houses are all the rage. This cool house proves that simplicity is beauty, with its contemporary, clean lines and a crisp, white palette both inside and out.

Combine Between Container and Tatami Make a Modern ...
Combine Between Container and Tatami Make a Modern … (David Schmidt)

Minimalism has become quite popular over the years as a design philosophy and way of life. Designed with elements of nature in mind with Japanese influences, this home represents a husband's love for his family. These minimalist home design are in the domain of experts to make.

About the project: "The outer wall of black covers whole cube, and that screens visual field completely.

The Japanese house has gained a reputation for being smart with space – in the face of Japan's tricky planning regulations – opening up possibilities for all types of lifestyle from minimalist to communal.

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This simple white minimalist house features a grey garage. Since her parents have been building the house many times but they have never felt satisfactory, this time she wanted to find a good. She shared that her parents in Vietnam were planning to build a new house for them and her brother to live.

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